Learn Qigong with Christopher Handbury

Qigong is the practice and study of human energy for self-transformation.

Through specific physical movements and the stillness of static postures we can awaken the internal energies of the body and mind so we can experience a life of richness in health. Then we practise Qigong we engage with the body and nurture all the processes it requires to maintain strength and resilience to ill health and injury. Regular dedicated expression of the breath and a true commitment to wellness provide the power to activate the natural healing power of the body and mind.


All you need to do is book an Introduction meeting so we can discuss your needs and go over any questions you may have. This is a great time to talk about any physical ailments you would like to improve or any emotional symptoms that you'd like to work on through your training.  I am a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine with 18 years of clinical experience, so you're in good hands!

Get in touch

If you are ready, send me an email with a few details about why you would like to learn Qigong and i'll message you right back. Then we can arrange a phone call or online meeting to talk more about your health and how Qigong can help you reach you goals.

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