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7 months ago
When I had slipped discs in my back and was having a terrible time! Chris was amazing! His brilliant attitude and approach was amazing and totally made me feel better
7 months ago
I have received excellent care and treatment. My anxiety improved after one session and my eating disorder that I have had for years, over a number of sessions is steadily improving also. I highly recommend Christopher as a therapist.
7 months ago
After suffering with severe TMJ that causes my jaw to lock and have severe pain and migraines, I was thrown from specialist to specialist and just fed more and more painkillers. I was given the details of chris by an out of hours GP after a …
Rob Cook
a year ago
A few years of training in Qigong with Chris have resulted in the termination of arthritic knee pain and a distinct improvement in general health such that at 72 years of age I feel significantly more sprightly than when in my 60s. Chris …
Lutia Searby
a year ago
I have been seeing Chris on and off for the past couple of years due to bad tennis elbow. His treatments are amazing and very effective. I have my own cleaning business so being in tip top condition is a must. I have and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris, he is the best :)

mike bennett
a year ago
Being a decorator and working with my arms and shoulders constantly, I visit Christopher roughly every 3-4 months.
His treatments are fantastic and really help keep my aches and pains at bay. …
sally trump
a year ago
I have been seeing Christopher on and off for about 5 years for bouts of sciatica and other aches and pains. I am completely pain free now and no longer worry if they return as I know the massage and acupuncture treatment I receive from Christopher will be affective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Sally Trump.
Jeanette Lagomarsino
a year ago
I have been receiving treatment from Chris for the last few years now and I can honestly say he has changed my life. I have suffered with sciatica and neck pain and Chris never fails in making me feel a million times better each visit. …
a year ago
After feeling fed up that even Yoga had proved difficult with my stiff and painful joints, I did a bit of research and felt that Qi Gong may be an alternative I could try. One term in and I have found that this gentle exercise option is …
a year ago
I've been doing Qigong with Chris for 2 years now. I live with ME/CFS and have noticed improvement in my muscle tone and post-crash recovery times. Classes are fun and informative. I would highly recommend Qigong with Chris for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness.
a year ago
I first visited Chris back in 2017 whilst going through my first IVF cycle. Accupuncture was recommended to me for early infertility and during IVF. I was very lucky and fell pregnant first time. I visited Chris again last week between egg …

Heidi Skeats
a year ago
Totally deserves 5 starts. Chris is welcoming and kind and up most listens to you. I was desperate for some help as my back was so bad! Within a few sessions no pain! I find the way he works so interesting he knows how the body works!!

Dekan Devlyn
a year ago
After suffering with very bad inflammation in my nose , nasal polyps and wheezing , I couldn’t sleep kept waking up coughing couldn’t even do anything psychical had couldn’t breath had to take a vetolin inhaler.. I am 45 now and have never …
a year ago
I have been seeing Chris for years for maintainence massage and acupuncture. My husband and I were struggling to conceive our second child and after 9 months of trying without any results Chris recommended acupuncture. The treatment was successful and I gave birth to my son 11 months later. Would highly recommend
a year ago
I have been attending Qi Gong classes with Chris for 2 years. He is an excellent instructor, his style promotes confident learning by not over- correcting at first and introducing the detail to continiously improve as we go along. He also takes individual differences and health problems into account. Classes motivating and fun.
a year ago
We are so lucky to have the Stonehouse Holistic Centre here - gives opportunities to explore so many support systems for our health and well - being !
Qigong classes are very enjoyable - for a “ lazy person “ like myself - perfect …
juliet kilty
a year ago
Really great Qigong classes. Brilliant way of calming your mind and getting fit at the same time.
Lucy Bennett
a year ago
After visiting a chiropractor for years and spending hundreds of pounds for a back issue, only for it to come back in 6 weeks after every appointment I decided to try something different. A Google search lead me to the Stonehouse holistic …
Nadia Roberts
a year ago
Chris has helped my Dad with a variety of ailments from stress to serious back pain and other conditions, my Dad lives in Scotland but after staying with me in Stroud and visiting Chris my Dad books appointments everytime he's in the area. …
a year ago
Chris treated me for my neck and shoulder injury from car accident. I really like his Tui na massage . This was my first time I tried Tui na. I recommend anyone to try Chris’s treatment if you have any stiff tight neck and shoulders . Also it is very nice to have acupuncture after the massage.
a year ago
After many years of struggling with infertility I was finally given the chance to do IVF. After a failed 1st cycle I decided to try accupunture which is when I found Chris. I attended the practice in stonehouse on a weekly basis and was …
a year ago
Excellent Centre. Excellent treatment. Excellent people.
a year ago
Had really bad sciatica went to Chris for treatment results were brilliant would highly recommend him
3 years ago
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Thank you Judy
3 years ago

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A few years of training in Qigong with Chris have resulted in the termination of arthritic knee pain and a distinct improvement in general health such that at 72 years of age I feel significantly more sprightly than when in my 60s. Chris more

Robert Cook - 15 Jul 2019
I was feeling fed up with stiff painful joints that made even Yoga difficult. After a little research, I felt QiGong classes may help. One term in and I have found that I'm delighted with the results from this gentle method. I will be continuing, more
Su Thomson - 11 Jul 2019
I've just started my second term of qigong with Chris I'm enjoying it so much I've signed up for two classes each week. (This is unusual for me I'm more couch potato than exercise freak!) It's early days but I'm already beginning to understand more
Carole Worley - 20 Apr 2018
I have been attending Chris's Qigong group at Kings Stanley for several months now and am really enjoying the experience. Chris is a very patient teacher who listens to our moans (we all have aches and pains) and adjusts the lesson to suit more
Kathryn O'Driscoll - 18 Apr 2018
Attending Chris' Chi-Fit qigong class for about two years has improved my health immeasurably, reversing knee arthritis and improving a general state of well-being. Chris provides simple but profound exercises which are easily learned so that more
Robert Cook - 18 Apr 2018
I attend Chris' Qigong for Fibromyalgia class. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my symptoms and my self esteem has increased because of this. It is a lovely, friendly group and Chris is professional but approachable and kind. I more
Lizanne O'Driscoll - 18 Apr 2018
As a person who suffers with fibromyalgia life can get quite tricky no matter how positive you try to remain. I have been having an awful time with severe pain recently that Chris was recommended to me. On my first meeting and treatments more
Marie Wise - 9 Apr 2018
Dreaded Menopause has struck me …. Having been for treatments on and off over the years … I immediately booked in for massage and acupuncture … Chris' always very professional and "those magic hands " has made a huge more
Luisa Mellor - 13 Jul 2017
I read about Chris in our local newspaper and it highlighted how he had helped a patient. I was at the end of my tether suffering severe neck pain for the last two years. I had had physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, been referred to the more
Nina Taylor - 12 Apr 2017
In May last year I had a particularly bad fall down some steep concrete steps and landed on my lower back, elbow and head. My whole body was badly shaken and knocked about. I was fortunate not to have broken anything but I was left iin a lot more
Jenny Matcham - 17 Mar 2017
I have visited Chris several times now for different complaints, sciatica and back mainly, every time I've left feeling a hundred times better, a combination of massage and acupuncture has really worked for me, I would definitely recommend Chris.
Benet Todd - 23 Jan 2017
I have visited Chris for help with pain management as I am a 26 year old suffering with Rheumatoid Arthiritis, Chris has been helpful with ideas, use of accupuncture and small doses of massage when needed. I would reccomend him to anyone.
Jenna Macey-Brown - 16 Jan 2017
I originally went to Chris for treatment after several years of frequent viral and chest infections which resulted in low energy and mood. As a runner I was unable to train due to ill health and eventually stopped running altogether. In April I more
Lesley Roberts - 15 Jan 2017
I sought help from Chris, 2 years ago and cannot recommend him enough - in my mind, he is a magician when it comes to sorting my sciatica! Exceptional treatment and a true professional.
Jeanette Lagomarsino - 15 Jul 2016
My visit to Chris was spurred on by an auto immune condition flare which resulted in a referral to a specialist hospital. I was in constant pain, fatigued and existing on a cocktail of prescription medications which came with their undesirable more
Louise Fox - 5 May 2016
Multiple Sclerosis I have just been treated by Chris for excessive stiffness and muscle spasms in my legs after any length of time sitting or during the night and in the morning. I had two sessions with Chris last year for the same problem. more
Jane McGowan - 27 Apr 2016
I've seen Christopher for several months now for non-alcohol cirrhosis of the liver, after experiencing pain from my gall bladder in one of his classes and finding his recommendation to ease the pain effective - after a recent annual ultra scan, more
Healthy Liver! - 28 Sep 2015
I visited Christopher for Acupuncture after being diagnosed with a complex regional pain disorder, which left me feeling lethargic, in constant pain and struggling to walk. I was open minded to the idea of acupuncture, and found that after just more
Katie Williams-Brown - 16 Sep 2015
After being in pain with my shoulders for years. I had difficulty in lifting my arms up above shoulder height as I knew it would cause me pain,especially when lowering them.Everyday things, reaching up to cupboards, dressing, showering, more
Christine Lafford - 12 Sep 2015
After trying numerous therapists for treatment for a back and neck issues with no success, I was recommended Chris at Stonehouse holistic by a family member! I tried Chris and noticed significant results in the first session, excellent service, more
Jon Burdett - 11 Sep 2015
I have hyperthyroidism and was suffering from low energy, causing stress and anxiety. After 3 visits to Chris it has made a dramatic difference - I now wake up at 6.30am and have plenty of energy for the whole day! I can highly recomend a visit.
Sarah Franklin - 25 Jun 2015
Chris Handbury is a magician, that is the one word I would use to describe him. I recommend him so highly and have done to several friends and work associates. Being a trades person and a watersports enthusiast I have to admit that I put my more
Paul Stevens - 31 Jan 2015
I booked my husband for acupuncture as he was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and taking 8 very strong painkillers a day to relieve the constant pain. I can honestly say that since that first treatment he has gone from strength to strength more
Robert Jewkes - 16 Sep 2014
Having been unable to walk unaided for nearly a year due to spinal injury I found Christopher by chance after a friend suggested I try Qigong. Within 4 weeks I was able to stand for an entire class and was walking short distances unaided. It more
Claire Nayegon - 9 Aug 2014
I had knee surgery which led to a lot of fluid build up, and this was causing my pain and discomfort. No amount of pain killers and ice packs were working. My wife uses Christopher for her back and suggested I go to see Christopher, but being more
Jeremy Organ - 20 Jun 2014
I have been attending Tai Chi Qigong classes with Christopher for nearly a year and have very much enjoyed every lesson. He is very knowledgeable about his subject and inspires us to learn about all the health benefits, explains things.Very more
Lyndy Bastiani - 7 May 2014
Chris responded to my request for an appointment to see him within a few hours. Chris saw me three times over a period of one month and demonstrated a very professional and knowledgable approach and took a genuine interest in my health and more
Elizabeth D'Arcy - 27 Apr 2014
Having seen Chris for severe leg cramps and constant pain I've had a massive improvement, very friendly, professional and very knowledgable I would highly recommend Chris to anyone with anyone with pain his use of massage and acupuncture has more
Leigh De Col - 24 Apr 2014
Have thoroughly enjoyed attending my weekly Chi Gong class and can certainly feel the benefits. Christopher is fantastic at explaining the moves really well and takes the time to adjust each person individually. He also shows us how we can more
Julia Buckley - 11 Apr 2014
Christopher was confident, knowledgeable and obviously genuinely cares about people's health and well-being. I benefitted from three Tui Na and one acupuncture treatment and always felt I was in safe hands.
Anita Pitman - 9 Apr 2014
After 4 years of going to well-respected physios and chiropractors and getting limited benefit for my chronic neck pains, my wife recommended I see Christopher, who diagnosed my problem immediately. After 6 sessions (as he predicted), he more
Chris Hamm - 8 Apr 2014
Made a number of visits to Christopher with back and leg joint problems. The course of Qui-gong massage and acupuncture helped greatly with my mobility. I will definitely visit again when I have the need. Christopher punctual, friendly more
Barry Charles Le Feuvre - 8 Apr 2014
Recently started a regular support session for a very long term chronic illness (38 years). Getting a highly personalised and focused service that provides relief and fosters more
Bernard Fairhurst - 8 Apr 2014
Visited with a recurring shoulder pain thanks to Christopher's healing massage and acupuncture I have not had any further pain and the mobility is far better I am extremely pleased with the more
Pippa Coombs - 8 Apr 2014
Chris was really quick to respond to me when my back went into a spasm and I was in alot of pain. He was very accomodating and got me an appointment within a few days of ringing him. The deep massage started to work straight away and I was more
Mandy Johnson - 11 Feb 2014
Our 6 year old son Aidan always suffered from colds that would last the whole winter long. He coughed so much at night that it woke him and his tummy would start to hurt with continual strain. I took him to see Mr Hanbury, who talked to him more
Sandy Silk - 3 Jan 2014
As I first time customer I can highly recommend the service. I had torn a muscle in my shoulder and after one treatment am pain free. I have had a indepth consultation and now have a proper care plan in place to help with anxiety and more
Mrs Tanya Hobson-glover - 5 Jun 2013
Treated for severe muscle pains in legs when walking. Second situation was for badly pulled muscles in wrist and arm. Both treated with massage and acupuncture. Straight to the problem areas on both occasions. Vast improvement within two visits each.
Richard Gleed - 29 May 2013
Jan 2012 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation. A few months after I started getting persistant pain after walking or standing for any length of time. Despite a visit to my GP (whom I might add was totally useless in diognosing the more
Vic Tilson - 1 May 2013
Chris' accupunture treatments have greatly helped my pain and mobility issues, but are unfortunately quite expensive. I think that this form of treatment is extremely valuable and should be subsidised by the NHS. The Qi Gong was quite a more
Pam Acreman - 17 Feb 2013
My only regret is that I wish I'd known about Chris first. Having suffered with back problems for many years, the last injury leaving me with very painful sicatica for nearly 12 months. I have been to chiropractor, physiotheraptist and spent a more
Janet Stone - 14 Feb 2013
Just to say thanks again Chris second night i'm able to sleep pain free wish I come to you wks ago instead of letting this get me down pain I had running from neck down left arm and all it took was £45 a massage and acupuncture and a good hr more
Chris - 26 Jan 2013
Simply..... Superb. A completely different approach to what I have ever experienced and surprisingly effective. Happy :).
Jamie Dickinson - 6 Dec 2012
Chris has helped me with Anxiety through delivery of targeted acupuncture specifically to treat my condition and the way I feel. It really does work, and after approx 5 sessions this year, I can say I have made massive improvements. I cant more
Simon - 6 Dec 2012
I had been suffering from stomach pains for along time after a bout of flu and this was making my anxiety worse. The results of this first acupuncture treatment were remarkable. The stomach pains stopped during the treatment and my mood and more
Peter Evans - 6 Dec 2012
Have really enjoyed having my face worked on, and looking brighter as well. The treatments have lifted out my lines, and taken back my dark rings under my eyes. Not only does it enliven the face but affects the whole body for good. Chris has more
Dianne Jean Hydes - 24 Nov 2012
Chris has helped me with treatment for lower back pain. Through a combination of massage and acupuncture, I have found great relief in just 4 sessions so far. It really works, despite my sceptical feelings initially. I will be keeping up more
Elissia - 17 Oct 2012
Having suffered with a painful shoulder for seven months with little relief from pain killers, various creams and massages I decided to try the holistic approach. The effect after the first treatment was amazing, within a couple of days the more
Nicky Lane - 17 Oct 2012
I was always a little skeptical of the holistic approach and Sticking needles into ones body to repair oneself but after hearing the results that Chris Handbury gets I feel I am a converted man. Ok so I haven't had acupuncture with him but I more
Jamie Fletcher - 16 Oct 2012
Helped greatly with my Anxiety - really good guy who understood my issues and actually helped. Left feeling great. Highly recommended.
Phillip Marsh - 25 Sep 2012
I am a long-term sufferer of a very painful condition called trigeminal neuralgia. Whilst waiting for a second operation, any other treatment available on the NHS having been exhausted, I was in extreme pain and desperate for some relief so more
Ian Brown - 4 Apr 2012
Having suffered a running injury over 18months previous (ankle ligament pain and bone bruising) and exhausted my options at extensive cost with little benefit (i.e physio,GP & sports specialists) i discovered the Stonehouse Holistic Centre. I more
Craig Llewellyn - 5 Mar 2012
I went to see Christopher for treatment to resolve night sweats and also for a sore shoulder. He gave me some Tui Na for my shoulder and acupuncture for the night sweats. The night sweats were much better afterwards and now I have them much more
Emma Karran - 3 Mar 2012
After trying chiropractor for my back pains coming away with no lasting relief, i decided to try chris for massage also acupuncter, and what a differnce it made. Have recomended him to many people & would always return to him with any more
Liam Funnell - 25 Nov 2011
After 4 months of back pain which had severely restricted my movements, including at times, walking very far, I made an appointment to see Chris. I found him to be very knowledgeable and extremely professional and after 5 sessions of massage more
Lionel Chapman - 24 Nov 2011
I went to see Chris to treat a trapped sciatic nerve, which was not healing. He used massage and acupuncture over several sessions, and each treatment was different depending on the specific symptoms I had on the day. Each time following more
Gill Barber - 20 Nov 2011
In June of this year I badly sprained my ankle. After 6 weeks it was still swollen and very painful. I visited Chris and after just a couple of treatments the improvement was very noticeable. Now 4 months on I have a pain free and matching pair more
Angela Holder - 12 Nov 2011
After just a couple of weeks I feel like a new person without the constant aching all the time This is the best thing I have tried
Christine Wells - 22 Jul 2011
Chris is very knowledgeable and professional. The treatments are fantastic and I have recommended him to many peopleI have continued to use Chris over the years for several complaints. The clinic is always very clean and comfortable and Chris more
Faye Ingram - 22 Jul 2011
Certainly helped me using Acupuncture and massage. A professional and considerate practitioner with an excellent understanding of the skills required in Chinese medicine.
Karina Noel - 20 Jul 2011
After 4 months of training to run the London Marathon, I developed pain in my calf and after an uncomfortable last few training runs, I feared I wouldn't be able to go the distance, or at least do more damage. Christopher treated me with more
Anna Cunningham - 22 Apr 2011
I started to see Chris around 9 months ago when conventional treatments failed to alleviate the discomfort of 'shin splints', and I was considering giving up running. After only a few sessions of massage and acupuncture the pain was eased and now more
Stephen Townsend - 21 Apr 2011
I have complex health issues including fatigue and chronic pain condition and autoimmune disease. I had tried many different treatments prior to Oriental Bodyworks, but starting treatment with Chris was the best by far for me, I can honestly more
Sara Armitage - 11 Oct 2010
Christopher of Oriental Bodyworks, treated me for back pain problems after years of unsuccessful treatments and wasted time & money. I cannot fully describe the improvement he has made as it has had such an impact! I can only say it has changed more
Andrew McIntyre - 9 Sep 2010
Prior to my course of treatment I was unable to turn my neck and my shoulder muscles were solid - I found Oriental Bodyworks good value for money, very personable and thoroughly professional. I highly recommend their services.
Mrs Helen Kerr - 9 Sep 2009
Christopher initially set out to help with a whiplash injury from a long time ago...he problem has now very much improved.Since visiting Oriental Bodyworks my energy levels are so much better, I feel more confident, can switch off after work more
Wendydawn Harrison - 13 Apr 2009
Having been a customer and undergone a course of treatment that has been explained all the way through, I feel totally rejuvenated, and have regained my bounce to cope with life. The tension and pain endured for so long in places that I knew more
Sue Harper - 6 Apr 2009
I originally went to Christopher as I was very low in energy and was always feeling very cold. Christopher has greatly raised my energy levels and I am feeling comfortably warm all the time now, so I feel he has given me back a really good more
Marlyn Leese - 15 Mar 2009
I initially wanted help with dealing with an increased level of pressure at work and difficulty sleeping through the night. The first session showed me that I had made the right decision as my energy level improved significantly, I felt 2 more
Michael Leese - 14 Mar 2009
I cannot speak highly enough about this treatment; from the first visit, when I arrived I went from highly stressed, tense, low energy and low morale to leaving an hour later with a skip in my step, free of tension and a smile on my face. I more
Bernadene J Cave - 18 Feb 2009
Oriental Bodyworks is simply the best.I went to because of chronic sciatica and after about 5 sessions I am pain free and able to enjoy life again. The treatment has also been invaluable in helping me to de-stress, reduce anxiety levels and more
Miss Jessica Standing - 17 Feb 2009
Over a 30 years' period, I have been treated by several osteopaths and chiropractors forchronic back and neck conditions, but with only marginal and temporary relief.I can unreservedly recommend OrientalBodyworks to anyone more
Mr John Clark - 13 Feb 2009
I went to Chris with stiffness in my back and muscle pain around the shoulder. After the first session Chris had made a big difference and subsquent sessions further improvements. I should say that I have tried to get this problem nailed by more
Richard Kerr - 13 Feb 2009
I visited Oriental Bodyworks and experienced a Tui Na treatment for the very first time. I had been a little apprehensive beforehand but Christopher Handbury's professional and friendly attitude soon put me at ease. He explained all about more
Catherine Dixon - 12 Feb 2009

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